Brian Rassi

Author, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

As a Catalyst: I will get you from where you’re at today to where you want to be tomorrow quicker and with less pain than what you can do by yourself at this current moment.

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Over the past 17+ years my career has taken me into many industries and unique circumstances. Not the traditional route for sure, in fact it’s been a humbling journey to experience the wisdom gained from various business projects, industries and the wearing of different hats.

What I’ve gained is the fortunate edge in being able to handle challenges from numerous angles to move a project forward and many times to success where others would give up.

What I’ve discovered is I am a catalyst- an agent for accelerated success. Whether in marketing or mindset I find solutions that are normally un-tapped. I breakthrough limits in what’s possible for a prosperous outcome.

Because of my many different work experience in the field I work well in a team environment, thrive in a leadership role and have contributed as a consultant.

I am open to all different niches, types of businesses and enjoy working with projects that are service/value driven with a holistic approach. Especially conscious projects that are making a difference in the world that have a positive impact for the greater good helping humanity thrive.

Basically I seek to help those entrepreneurs and companies who are passionate about helping others on a greater scale through business.

Who I can best help:

• Businesses who have been stagnate or struggling for a while and need fresh ideas to their challenges to move forward.
• Those that are ready for a catalyst to help them focus on their unique success. What I’ve learned is every business is different and the path towards their success will be unique to them.
• If you’re somewhat new and want to bypass the years, money and time it takes to do it on your own then I’m your man.

Just a taste of what I can do for you:

• Tweak and Improve your Sales Processes to get more clients that pay more for your services.
• Take whatever systems you currently have and/or create systems to simplify your current business and maximize what you do well.
• Help you raise money from investors, institutions and/or lending places to help fund your next initiative of the business.
• Recruit, manage and/or recommend industry specific people and companies that I know can help take you to another level. Depending on where you’re at.
• Come up with a unique marketing strategy designed to target a specific client that you have been needing more consistency in attracting to you.
• Give you my years of wisdom for your specific problems and invaluable advice when you need it as unique circumstances pop up in your life and business.

Whatever the problem is in your business and life there is already a solution waiting for you to discover it. It’s my job to help you receive the solution quicker and with less pain than you could by yourself at this moment.

I look forward to talking with you in the near future about your project or business if this message resonates with you please reach out and talk with me further.